Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FBI Reports Terrorist Will Use WMD To Attack Americans

Today, the FBI released a report that demonstrated Radical Islamists are prepared to utilize chemical and biological weapons on "soft targets" (malls, market places, subways, restaurants) throughout America. The 68 page report called "Terrorism 2002-2005" offered information of the newest trend of terrorism.

We have already seen law enforcement stymied the efforts of Radical Islamists in the past year. I hope this is a wake up call to remind us that Terrorism should be top the list of concerns that must take precedence in the 2008 elections.

The report states that there are two specific trends terrorism is leaning toward.

The report says, "First is a preference for high-casualty, high-profile attacks directed against lower-risk, unofficial, so-called soft targets, as traditional military and diplomatic targets become increasingly hardened. Second, the dissolution of much of Al Qaeda's structure by international military and law enforcement efforts has resulted in the dispersal of its multi national trainees to pursue their own regional agendas."

For those who think terrorism is only an isolated concern, think again. They have tried to enter in our country to cause havoc. We had already experience the anthrax and ricin scare. This is the new biological weapon of choice for them to be used against us.

Not to jump the gun, if terrorism is not quelled, you can forget your freedom because terrorists are willing to die in order that we lose the entity that makes us great.