Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stop The Huckabee Express

I want everybody to stand up and derail the Huckabee express because he doesn't have the experience or the honesty to represent the greatest nation on earth. The media may make him a darling, but he is really a poster child for wannabe politicians. Mike Huckabee doesn't understand that any comments will be scrutinized to the last letter.

Huckabee is a typical rookie with no sense of direction. He may have the lead in Iowa and maintaining as a second tier candidate next to Rudy Giuliani, but his latest comment ranting he understands the threat of Islamofascism.than any of the Republican candidate is bogus. Huckabee's proclamation to have such expertise in the matter because he has a theology degree is with no merit. I wouldn't call it a lie, but in the height of his popularity, the hype got the best of him. Actually, Huckabee earned a degree in religion and not theology. Doing only 46 hours toward a master, which he did not finish, doesn't not qualify him as an expert as a theologian.

It seems that Huckabee is learning a very valuable hard lesson. This is not an election for candidates running for City Council, but for President of the United States. Huckabee might get a pass from Iowa voters, but I don't think he can last from the other states primaries.

If we allow the media to control our thought or manipulate the decision of an event, we are doomed to allow the government to do the same exact thing. It is funny when one gets all the attention that their past resurfaces to haunt them. But in this case, the media, the DNC, and the Hillary campaign wants those reports to be ignored. The whole Democrat party knows that Huckabee can be easily defeated if he gets the nomination. Huckabee's policies on immigration, taxes, and his decisions as governor are the tools needed for the Democrats to pounce on him. That is why the Democrat National Committee (DNC) wants a hands off policy and not to attack Huckabee until he gets the nomination.

If such a plan is public knowledge, when then are we blinded to jump onto the Huckabee bandwagon. We are foolish to be apathetic and concede in accepting a false presidential candidate. Huckabee's one liners will not get him in the White House. Not to bash the compassionate Christian conservative group, but it seems that America doesn't want another strong Christian conservative in the White House. Huckabee is not a George W. Bush. Huckabee does not have an MBA to understand the economy and make those right decisions. I am more inclined to believe that the similarities between Bush and Huckabee wearing their religion on their sleeves don't sit well among the general population. That is the polarization the DNC wants the Republicans to believe to break them apart.

The smoking gun the Democrats will use against Huckabee is the former governor inept decision to allow a known convicted rapist pardon to continue his trade. Huckabee blinded decision based on his compassionate religious belief to forgive our fellow man allowed this criminal to rape and murder another victim in another state. Just because a criminal is castrated doesn't mean he is harmless. It's commonsense. I can assure everybody that this piece of information will be the downfall of Mike Huckabee.

Don't let that happen. Do not jump onto the Huckabee bandwagon. Complacency is the death of moral intelligence.