Sunday, January 6, 2008

Huckabee Says He Feels Like SeaBiscuit. I Say More Like a Jackass

An article written recently stated that Mike Huckabee feels like Seabiscuit, a famous Triple Crown champion thoroughbred race horse. I would rather modify the definition to state Mike Huckabee feels more like a jackass. To define this make-believe notoriety from obscurity to rock star status is conjured by the liberal biased main stream media. I will refuse to be bought by his 30 second anecdotes and one-liners to win me over. Mike Huckabee is a horse of sorts. A jackass.

The latest stupidity from the Huckabee camp is the ad against Mitt Romney that Huckabee strongly urged his camp to pull it from circulation. In the news conference, Huckabee being a generous, compassionate Christian pulled a hypocritical liberal stunt. In front of reporters, who produced loud snickering due to the scent of hypocrisy, the former governor of Arkansas explained that the ad was pulled off from being viewed on tv, but he went on to show the reporters what the ad contains. Within minutes, reporters posted it on national television and all over the blogs without costing Huckabee any money. It was free advertising. That is a sly cheap trick coming from a former Baptist minister. I guess Huckabee doesn't follow what he preaches.

This was done before the Iowa caucus and I felt it helped give him the win. I cannot trust a minister who preaches the word of God and does something so conniving. It was Huckabee's latest gimmick in an unconventional campaign that has captured the fancy of Iowa voters, especially Christian conservatives, with a mix of offbeat humor, anti-business populism and aw-shucks Southern charm.

Well, this Christian will not bow to any Southern Christian charm. I am a NEO-Conservative, a Neo-Con, to the core and damn proud of it. I vote base on the candidate realistic promises and policies that they offer.

Huckabee says, "I believe in things like a strong national defense, less government, lower taxes. I believe in the integrity of small business, knowing that's where 80 percent of our jobs come from...I'm also pro-life, I'm pro-Second Amendment; I believe in the 10th Amendment -- let there be more power in the states, less in the centralized federal government." Well, this is not his own philosophy, but the core value of the Conservative movement. It is not only Huckabees policy, but all the Republican candidates share the same exact policy too.

I can see the false facade of Mike Huckabee and many top conservative radio talk show hosts see the same thing too. They will not pander to Huckabees cute one-lines and his platitude of answers. If Huckabee, who is a moderate Republican (RINO), ran as a Democrat, he would have easily beat Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. Huckabee says he will not be basing on the votes of the Christian Conservatives, but it is very obvious that he doing that. In order for Huckabee win the nomination, he has to "kiss-up" to the leaders of Conservative talk radio especially Rush Limbaugh. Huckabee says he would love to speak to Rush, but is unable to do so. The audacity of Huckabee saying that Rush should call him is outrageous. Why should Rush call Huckabee? It is Huckabee who should be begging for Rush's support.

If Huckabee could conjure up that free ad stunt, I would think getting a direct line to Rush wouldn't be a problem at all.