Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bill Clinton Wants to Divorce Hillary

Based on a new book about the Clintons by Carl Bernsten, the relationship between Bill and Hillary Clinton is odd at best. For many years dating back to 1989, Bill wanted to divorce Hillary to be with marketing executive Marilyn Jo Jenkins. Imagine that, Bill wants to divorce Hillary for another woman. After the Monica Lewinsky embarrassment, it is Bill who wanted out in the relationship, but even though it was in the back of his mind, it never transpired.

Hillary's obsessive manipulative character convinces her husband time after time not to go through with it. As quoted telling a friend, "there are worse things than infidelity." Hmm, I would like to know of some examples. Obviously, she had a separate agenda. It is a power struggle of a demented feminist. Her ultimate goal is winning the nomination as a Democrat presidential hopeful and squeak her way into the White House.

There are books documenting of the affairs of Bill Clinton around the world while his wife is preparing for her campaign as Senator and now President. It’s incredible that Bill has a hunger like no other with his obsession of abusing his power of the presidency to get sex. I guess abusing a power is like a powerful 24/7 Viagra. Honestly, any women falling prey to this horny toad is desperate and deserves the humiliation and unrelenting press coverage.

I wonder what drove Bill in his ever ending quests to get that divorce. I wonder if it was Hillary's hiring a private detective to investigate Bill's mistresses or was it being frustrated who wore the pants in the family. Hillary Clinton is a very self-righteous bitch with a complicated compromising character that drives people away. With those qualities, I am not surprise of Bill Clinton's abusive infidelity. Her tunnel vision personal ambition to attain power has sacrificed her role as a wife and mother. In the book "Her Way,” Hillary made a secret pact with her husband Bill to formulate their aim to get into the White House and each having two terms as president. I would have to say that it is self-evident that if such plans do not come into fruition she would cry like a spoiled little child. Look how desperate she has become during the Democrat primaries. She has used the race and gender issue blatantly. If she cries one more time, I am going to throw up. With her back against the walls, she will be scratching her way out and it is going to get ugly. She doesn't care of Bill's infidelities. As long it doesn't compromise her overall goal, Bill can continue till it falls off.

One thing is weird about their relationship. They need one another in giving each other advises. Because of their personally and professionally strange bond, it is hard to distinguish who played what role. It is known that she gets the first and last word in matters that are important. It seems that Bill Clinton is a walking contradiction as an intellect when Hillary is around and a total buffoon with no commonsense when she is not around. Just look at the idiotic comments said in the past several weeks as he stumps around America campaigning for her.

It is very obvious that many people don't like Hillary Clinton. Pollster Frank Luntz once said that Hillary reminds most men of their first wife or their mother-in-law. People often suggest that you get hugs from Bill Clinton and you get a solution from Hillary.

Is this the type of President serving in the oval office? I think not. It will be another four to eight years of Hillary botching up her agenda and Bill chasing skirts with all the interns. At least Hillary doesn't have to worry about Bill getting impeached again.

Soon or later Bill will finally have the kahuna's to tell Hillary, "It's over!"