Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Letterman's 'TopTen U.S. Airways Excuses'

Letterman’s ’Top Ten U.S. Airways Excuses’

From the March 25 Late Show with David Letterman, inspired by news a pilot accidentally shot his gun in the cockpit, the "Top Ten U.S. Airways Excuses" Late Show home page:

10. Thought it would be fun to shoot empty liquor bottles

9. Air traffic controller’s "Clear to land" misheard as "Squeeze off a round"

8. Media never reports when plane takes off and pilot’s gun doesn’t go off

7. Pilot thought he saw one of them "Cloverfield" Godzillas -- Buy "Cloverfield" on DVD April 22nd

6. Oh, like you’ve never fired a weapon onboard a passenger plane before

5. Don’t worry -- His parole officer was in the cockpit

4. Chillax, bro

3. This is what happens when you let Dick Cheney fly a plane -- Did you see it coming folks?

2. If you didn’t want gunplay, maybe you should have flown United

1. Pilot distraught after picking Duke to win it all