Sunday, April 20, 2008

Understanding Why Jewish People Vote Democrat

To my Jewish friends and their families, Shalom! It is Passover weekend for the Jewish culture to celebrate eight days of prayer and symbolic foods that commemorates the exodus and freedom of the Israelites from Egypt. I had the opportunity to had celebrated a Seder dinner with a friend and his Jewish family. It was a memorable experience to celebrate the feast with wine, story telling, discussion, and a wonderful symbolic meal. The ceremony was done in traditional Hebrew, but everything was translated to me by my friend Caleb in English. Thanks Caleb!

After dinner while the ladies talked in the kitchen, the men retired to the den for further discussion and they started to talk about politics and the Democrat primary. They knew that I was a Conservative Republican and they offered me to speak with an open mind. Without being disrespectful, I asked why Jews are stereotyped as voting Democrats; even though, they are very conservative in nature.

Caleb’s grandfather, bless his soul, looked at me and told me that Jews take the Torah, the Jewish Bible, to heart and their obligation to their fellow man and society, which leans them to be Democrats. One of Caleb’s uncles jumped in and told me when his family immigrated to the USA, the Republicans, at that time, were against unions. For a young Jewish man finding a job was tough and unions help protect the rights of the little people. Hence, many working Jews lean Democrat.

Caleb’s grandfather told me that Republicans during FDR times were against WWII and against fighting Nazi Germany. He will not forget such events and that's why he supports Democrats. Then Caleb explained to me that none of the Republican dating back to Eisenhower did anything for Israel. Among the men in the room, voting for a candidate that supports Israel is top priority. Caleb said that Eisenhower didn't do anything for Israel, Nixon was stalling until Golda Meir threatened a nuclear attack, Ford did nothing, Reagan gave the Iranian mullahs weapons, Bush 41 did nothing, and Bush 43 egged Israel to attack Lebanon and then pulled the cease fire card.

Then Caleb got carried away by saying the George W Bush is letting Iran get the bomb, just as he did by letting North Korea get the bomb, and George W Bush is forcing Israel to act unilaterally to prevent a nuclear Iran. Caleb went on to say that Jimmy Carter brought peace between Israel and Egypt. During Clinton's Administration, Bill Clinton got Jordan to recognized Israel and tried desperately to bring peace between the Palestinians and Israel at Camp David, but Arafat declined.

This is when I had the opportunity to step in. I never knew the reason why, but I am glad I got to understand why they support Democrats. I can see all the men in the room waiting for me to speak "on behalf of the conservative movement." It was scary, but I took at least 30 seconds to gather my thoughts because it was information overload that I received.

I had to say that since Israel was recognized as a state, the United States has been there side by side with them. We recognize Israel existence and to say what a pass president done or ignored is irreverent. The point was that Israel exists today no matter if it was a Republican or a Democrat President. I had to clarify Caleb and to his dad, uncles, and grandfather that if the Republicans has done wrong so too has the Democrats. Jimmy Carter didn't have any foreign policy experience, and to bring peace with Egypt and Israel was secondary since Egypt was a friend of the United States at that time. I had to remind them that the Carter Administration put the Ayatollah in Iran into power that lead to the Iran Hostage Crisis into being and lead to the beginning of radical Islam, which is a threat to Israel and the world. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Jimmy Carter sent aid to the anti-Soviet Islamists. Jimmy Carter drastically slashed support for South Korea, which his policies are still causing repercussions thirty years later with Iran and North Korea both developing nuclear weapons and al-Qaeda being based in Afghanistan.

Likewise, Clinton's involvement in Bosnia, a Muslim country, brought a wide spread proliferation of radical Islam into light. Because Clinton supported of Bosnia Muslims, Clinton aided thousands of Mujahideens, who are radical Islamic fighters, to help fight the cause. After the war, many of the Mujahideens stayed in Bosnia. I had to remind the group that the Mujahideens were the source of instability and terrorism in Europe. Also, Bosnia is the staging ground of many terrorists plots around the world.

I had to mention to the group not to dwell in the past, but look what is occurring now. To describe the role in Bill Clinton bringing peace with the Palestinians and Israel is not different what this current administration is doing. I needed to add that I had qualms in negotiating with a terrorist state whose hatred for Israel has been historically documented. Israel is a country who has the right to defend itself. That is the policy that is supported by George W. Bush. Whether Israel strikes a nuclear plant or missiles plant, which they have done, will not be excoriated by the United States.

I went on to say that presently, you have Obama who denounces Jimmy Carters talks with Hamas, but Obama is willing to sit down and hold direct talks with Iran and Syria's President. Obama's pious arrogance is demonstrated that he claims a hopeful reconciliation can be rendered without further blood shed. I mentioned that Obama and Hillary is no friend to Israel, and their policies contradict the values of the Jewish faith. Both have terrorist ties and Obama is willing to split Israel in half to appease the Palestinian government. Having to remind them of the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton and the missteps of Obama's association to an American terrorist, a racist and anti-Semite pastors, and having supporters from Hamas, these are not the candidates that the Jewish people can support.

I went on to say there are many Jewish Conservative Talk Shows on the radio that I pay close attention to. I mentioned "the Great One" Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Dennis Prager, and Michael Medved just to name a few. After shedding some light, majority of the men there were in agreement with everything that I said since they couldn't rebuke it. Even Caleb, who is a die-hard liberal, was astonished that I got his grandfather speechless and in agreement. It seems Caleb is starting to show an opening to my beliefs and will be listening to some of the Jewish Conservative Talk Show host to gain more understanding.

It was a wonderful evening. Discussing politics and religion was memorizing. After saying my full, I sat back and listened to the stories and lessons from the Torah and the understandings of the Old Testament. I really enjoyed listening to intelligent conversation for a change.

Thank you to my dear friend Caleb and his wonderful family the Schwartz for showing me a great unforgettable time.