Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Letterman's Top Ten Surprises in Saddam Hussein's Prison Diary

Late Show's 'Top Ten Surprises in Saddam
Hussein's Prison Diary'

From the Late Show with David Letterman's e-mailed newsletter, an "un-aired Top Ten List" edited from the May 6 show, the "Top Ten Surprises in Saddam Hussein's Prison Diary." Late Show home page: www.cbs.com

10. Favorite aspect of prison life? The delousing.

9. Often called into The Howard Stern Show as "Stuttering Abdul"

8. Even when things were bleakest, still dotted his I's with little hearts

7. Thanks to ideas from "Better Homes and Gardens," cell went from drab to fab

6. He and Cheney used to exchange torture tips

5. Only regret: not living to see Late Show Magician Week

4. Claimed real weapon of mass destruction was the prison meatloaf -- booyah!

3. Only contact he had with Osama bin Laden was brief exchange of erotic text messages

2. Planned to leave all of his earthly possessions to his camel, Gary

1. Had a torrid affair with Barbara Walters