Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ted Kennedy Came Close to See His Maker! Darn It!

Senator Ted Kennedy showed "stroke like" symptoms and experience a seizure that took him to a Massachusetts hospital this Saturday morning. Being part of the famous Kennedy clan, Ted Kennedy is the youngest child of Joe and Rose Kennedy and the youngest sibling of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, who both who were assassinated in the 1960's. Unlike his famous older brothers, Ted is the most liberal and controversial Senators on Capitol Hill.

Personally, I love John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Their great achievements are well renowned and has impacted America, but Ted's only achievement is not getting indicted with murder when he killed Robert F Kennedy's secretary Mary Jo Kopechne, who was allegedly pregnant and had a personal martial affair with Ted Kennedy. For those who don’t know the truth of Ted Kennedy's despicable atrocities, all you need to know is that Ted and Mary Jo Kopechne were at a party. Ted Kennedy, whose wife at that time was very pregnant, had a love affair with Kopechne, who was rumored to be pregnant. Later that night, Ted was so drunk that he drove his car off the bridge with Kopechne as his passenger. He got out, but left her in the car to drown. It took Ted more than 12 hours to report the accident. By playing dumb, he got off practically "scott-free."

Bearing that we have a murderer as a Senator and having to listen the discombobulated idiocy that spews from his mouth, Ted Kennedy's days are coming so close to an end of his wretched life. As history tells us, Ted Kennedy had surgery in October 2007 to clear his carotid artery in hopes of preventing a stroke. Ted also claims he suffers from chronic back pain from injuries suffered in a plane crash in 1964 (more likely from his car plunging into the Chappaquiddick). It is only time when judgement day will come to judge a man who took and innocent life and make the American people suffer by his liberal ideology.

I just hope Ted Kennedy gets his just deserves. I hope he rots in hell!