Monday, June 23, 2008

Barack Obama is a Pretentious Arrogant Jackass!

In the past two weeks, we have seen a total make-over of Barack Obama and the direction that the Democrats are intending to take this to the general election. I see it as the wrong direction and it is rubbing off the American people the wrong way.

He has determined that this presidential election will be base on race and Obama is the one who is responsible for kicking it off. In Jacksonville, Florida, he went to play the race card by saying the GOP will be using a scare tactic by describing Obama as young, inexperience, a guy with a funny name, and being black. Well, I would like to know what Republican is using the race card to scare the American people against Obama? I don't know what is the big deal because what Obama describes about himself is true. His accusation is utterly false and misleading.

It seems that he is playing the race card and showing the American people that he is a victim. On the other end of the spectrum, Obama is using a scheme to get America excited to vote for him as the first black president into the White House. By using guilt to get the vote is just shameful. At least his arrogance is still in tact. As displayed by this picture, all I can state, "a picture can say a thousand words." Obama is a pretentious arrogant jackass!

By SARA KUGLERAssociated Press WriterALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- A presidential seal graphically altered with symbols representing Barack Obama's campaign of change was just for one-time use and will not be used again, a spokeswoman for the Democrat's campaign said Monday.The seal, with its blue background and an eagle in the center clutching arrows and an olive branch, evoked the official presidential version, but had been altered with a new Latin phrase, instead of the original "E pluribus unum," which means, "Out of many, one."Obama's campaign changed the phrase to "Vero possumus," which can be roughly translated to his "Yes, we can" slogan. The seal also featured his "O" campaign logo covering the eagle's body, instead of a shield.When the altered seal was unveiled last Friday in Chicago, it raised eyebrows and prompted comments about how presidential it looked. The Republican National Committee gleefully ridiculed it as a prop.Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for Obama's campaign, said Monday that the altered seal would not be used again. She said it was only intended for that event, in which Obama held a round-table discussion with Democratic governors.