Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama Stance on Guns and the 2nd Amendment. There is none!

Obama Stance on Guns and the 2nd Amendment. There is none!
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Is it John Kerry being relived? Is flip-flopping a new trend or just a fad? Well, it seems that Barack Obama has mastered this ancient craft under the guidance of his Jedi Master John Kerry.

We have seen him changed his mind out of political expediency throughout the primaries. Not too long ago, he promised to accept public funding and now he changes his mind. What upsets me is with his stance on guns and the 2nd Amendment. His famous quote, "I do support the 2nd Amendment and I support the decision of the DC ban on handguns as constitutional." It reminds me of John Kerry idiotic statements of "voting on the $87 billion before I voted against it " double talk.

Now with the verdict that gave Americans the right to own a handgun as an individual right, Obama is unable to make a coherent opinion of the decision. He won't give a straight answer. For goodness sakes, he is a Constitutional lawyer as a professor of a university. If Obama cannot make a very simple statement on the Constitution, he is an idiot!

Since we have no idea who is Barack Obama, the only way the American people can understand is to have his voting records and actions vetted.

When he was a candidate for the Illinois Legislature in the 90's, Obama supported a bill that ban the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns. In the Chicago Tribune in November 2007, Obama believes that the DC handgun ban is constitutional, and in February 2008 during a televised debate, Obama said that supports the DC handguns ban.

But by March of 2008, Obama changed his mind to consider the ban on handguns unconstitutional. Then in April 2008, Obama refused to give a clear answer as he said, "I obviously haven't listened to the briefs and looked at all the evidence." Then last week when 5-4 ruling that overturned the ban on handguns, Obama said, "I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms," but wouldn't go further if he agreed with the court's decision.

As stated earlier, he taught Constitutional Law as a professor at a university. He should know what the answer is. To say he doesn't know is just being stupid. I am assuming that he doesn't want to upset the base because Democrats always took the policy on guns as a very touchy issue since Democrats opposed to it and want gun control. Period! This is why the NRA is a big thorn to the Democrat Party's side.

So what will Obama do next to get gun supporters to vote for him? Well, Obama can do a Senator John Kerry and his hunting for ducks with a shotgun? If that doesn't work, Obama can do a Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb) ad showing the proper way to shoot a gun? Let me say this, if Barack Obama can't bowl for a lick, what makes you think he can shoot a gun? I cannot imagine the "messiah" shooting a gun. Oh, the humanity! LOL. But when the NRA supported 50 Democrats during the midterm election in 2006, which gave them the Majority, it seems a dire importance for Obama to get their support.

Now, this is what I call begging to get the support of the NRA. It would be a very big surprise if Obama got their endorsement. Remember, Obama made a sarcastic remark calling middle America as bitter people, who love clinging to their guns and Bible. I think that statement won't bode well among the majority of American. Let's face facts. Obama is an elitist whose goal is to win at any cost, and that will take a lot of ass kissing and changing his mind for political expediency.