Sunday, June 29, 2008

Republican Introduce a New Bill to Increase Domestic Oil and Reduce Gas Prices

In the past year since the crisis of high gas price, Republicans were up to bat for the American people. Each time they proposed any form of drilling, the Democrats shot it down. The Democrats want to reap in the taxes collected from motorists. They don’t care of the American people. They use the rhetoric that drilling will save pennies at the pump and the only way to be energy independent is to conserve. As well know, that is a bunch of crap. The United States have lessened the consumption of foreign oil compared to last year and still, we are still in a pickle. They blow steam by bringing false hope to the American people that new technology is on the way. In fact, this is the same old rhetoric repeated every year. In reality, we are about 8-10 years to see major development in alternative energy technology. The question is what do we do now?

This past week, the Republicans have put another bill on the Senate floor. This past Thursday, the Senate Republicans unveiled the Gas Price Reduction Act (GPRA) of 2008. This bill will immediately open the way for production of more domestic oil and reduce consumption use by 4 million barrels a day. It is a four-step plan to promote offshore drilling, oil shale exploration, utilizing plug-in electric vehicles and improving the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) with increased funding, staff and regulation. The only change is that ANWR is off the table and shall be excluded in any type of drilling.

The whole idea is to bring a bipartisan agreement by throwing a bone to the Democrats. With $5.00 gas coming soon to your local gas station, Democrats are strapped to do something that would be appeasing to the lobbyist and to the irrate American people.

The whole idea may be a good idea since Democrats are in support of battery operated and plug-in electric cars and trucks. The only problem that nobody is stressing is that it takes energy to charge the cars. It seems that it may decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but will shift the problem in producing more electricity. For this to work, we need more in the form of electrical energy like nuclear energy, wind energy, and solar energy.

None the less, this is a step toward the right direction. The bill is geared towardly to tap the oil shale resources in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. It is determined that America can produce more than three times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. With new development in technology, we have found a way to heat the shale so it can collect the oil. It won’t take years in the making. The benefits can be seen less than a year. This is important because of the speculators has been driving up the oil prices and Republicans hope that this new bill will make it easier for the Democrats not to lose face to see real action for long term stability in this insane energy crisis.

Besides shale extraction, this bill will address deep sea exploration and offshore drilling. It is determined that up to 14 billion barrels of oil on the Atlantic and Pacific coast. The incentive for states to accept the terms of the bill would allow at least 50 miles from the coast to drill and the state would receive a 37.5% revenue in sharing profit.

I would like to see if the Democrats will compromise their position and bite the bullet and accept this bill. It is a good bill. I just hope they don’t throw in the usual earmarks that Congress automatically does. This just shows that Republicans are trying to do what is right and have heard the plea of the American people. The Democrats don’t give a “rats ass” what we think. For those die-hard Democrats, you call your Democrats in Congress compassionate? Yeah, right! I don’t know why you decide to stick with them. The Democrat party has loss their way. In the past two years as the Majority, they have done nothing that helped the American people. What they done have turned out to be a mistake and compounded the problems we face today. For instance, they sued all the banks to give every American a home loan mortgage whether they have good credit or not, which brought on the subprime mess. The student loan interest rate became to be a flop and the Democrats are seeking the Fed to bail them out like Bear Stearns. The minimum wage increases had its toll on small business community. The 5.5% unemployment has a part due to the hiring freeze from many small businesses, which is an integral part of our economy.

When are you going to get it? Democrats have lost their “mojo.” They are not the party of the FDR, Truman, or JFK. They are the party of the Lobbyist, Hollywood, and left wing radical organizations.