Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Democrats Are Caving In and Now Support Drilling Domestic Oil! YAY!

Democrats Are Caving In and Now Support Drilling Domestic Oil! YAY!!
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Thank you, America! You spoke up and you have weakened the No-Drill Congress to fold their idiotic stupidity. Liberals, Conservatives, and Libertarians have protested, blogged, and wrote to their respective Senator and Congressman to tell them there is a crisis. With the 9% approval rating, these self-absorbed politicians finally understand that their political career rest on the vital votes of the American people.

We have seen the other day that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pleaded to President Bush to release the oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to bring down the price of gas. Wow, how about that? She finally understood the term supply and demand. It is true that you can teach an old dog new tricks. LOL. Because the Democrats pressured Bush to reluctantly agreed to halt shipments of 70,000 barrels of oil a day into the Strategic Petroleum Reserves, the Democrats are now pleading to open them up to help lower the price of gas. It seems that the Democrats need to see it first hand that by stopping the stock pile of crude oil to these government reserves will not bring down the price of gas. Duh! We have tapped into these reserves at least three times in the past to stabilize oil markets and lower gas prices, but because of the Democrats' fool-hearty assumptions, they just screwed themselves to the wall. Because of limited supplies, to release these reserves will be a temporary band-aid. In the long term, the price of oil/gas will still remain high.

I'm glad to hear that the response from Bush is to repeatedly reject the use of oil from the government reserve, which is 97 percent full and currently holds about 702 million barrels of oil. The total reserves have enough to replace imports for two months. These reserves are intended to be use for a major disruption of oil supplies. Besides the three other times in the past when we had to tap into the emergency stockpile was due to the threatened or actual supply interruption like the global crisis before the Gulf War, hurricane Katrina/Rita, and during the extreme winter freeze in 2000.

The idea is not stressing to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserves, but to show Congress that there needs to be an influx of supply of oil to decrease the demand (price) at the gas pump. We are starting to see more and more Democrats caving into the hostilities of their constituents. Democrat Majority Whip Senator Dick Durbin says that he is open to drilling and responsible production. Even, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in full support in these measures.

It is funny how Liberal Democrats on Capitol Hill can be so blinded at times. Harry Reid said not to long ago that oil, gas, and coals are making us physically sick and that alternative energy is the only way out. Then you have Nancy Pelosi saying that we cannot drill our way out from this oil crisis. Now the Liberals are saying that energy companies are producing oil and gas from only about a quarter of the 91.5 million acres currently leased from the government.

Well, wouldn't you think that if the US Government can guarantee that the land leased to private companies could produce oil, wouldn't these companies drill in these lands? This rhetoric is so old and is going too tiresome for the American people to tolerate.

With an unstable price of gas, I hope now that the Republican's effort in opening up new regions for explorations, which have been stymied by Democrats in the past, will push onward for the will of the American people.