Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Ever Talented Mr. Obama (Ripley)

The Ever Talented Mr. Obama (Ripley)
Category: News and Politics

Barack Obama has come out for a government surveillance bill he once opposed. He's expressed support for funding religious programs with tax dollars. He reversed his stance on accepting public financing. He reversed his view of the D.C. gun ban. And he hinted that he will "refine" his position on Iraq, only to push back against himself this week and reiterate his Iraq withdrawal plan.

I am not saying this means his repositioning is wholly foolish. I am saying that his timing is foolish. He waited until it appeared politically expedient. Now, Obama is acting more of the centrist. But by coming this late in the process, his shift appears to be purely political.

I wonder what today's antiwar Democratics will say and how they will decide how much slack it can offer Obama when he returns from Iraq. I am curious what new flip-flop stance he will take after seeing the success of the surge.

Not giving any excuse, Obama would have been braver and honest if he shifted to the center on many of his issues months ago. His campaign is done with haste and ad lib. While we are trying to get to know who the real Barack Obama is, he keeps redefining himself, and that is being very deceitful and disingenuine.

The question is "Who is this new Mr. Obama?" If Liberal Democrats are unable to answer that, I guess Obama needs to commit and stop redefining himself. If they are unable to answer that question, Conservative Republicans will.