Thursday, August 14, 2008

How to Distinguish an Extremely Psychopathic Liberal

How to Distinguish an Extremely Psychopathic Liberal
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In this blog, I want to share some common sense tips in avoiding a confrontation with a loose cannon liberal. I received a couple emails in the past couple days asking me how I deal with them. Honestly, I try to distinguish a civil minded individual, who sides with liberalism, and a hopeless sap, who enjoys these torrid rants that never go anywhere. The latter are someone you would want to avoid at all cost, and it is pitiful because they are in abundance in society.

Don't get me wrong. It is okay to mix it up with a hardcore extremist Liberal now and then, but be forewarned, you better have a bottle of ibuprofen on hand. Debating with a liberal, who is an extremist, will give you a headache. These extremists are the types that are incapable of having a decent intelligent conversation. They rather rant, bitch and whine, and bicker after each talking point. At times, they go off on tangents and digress from the main focus on a particular issue.

You know who they are. These psychos are found anywhere and everywhere. You will see them pounce onto perfect strangers at a social party, at barbecues, at family reunions, at family dinners, and sometimes a wedding. There are no bounds for these egocentric sociopaths.

Honestly, my best advice is to stay clear from them unless you have several hours to kill. It is a time-consuming feat that I do not recommend. You are just wasting your time because they won't shut up. You are better off in having a civil minded individual who is willing to interact and share ideology.

Here are some fool proof ways to distinguish an extremely psychopathic Liberals:

1. The best trigger mechanism I like to use is to say "BUSH" and see if their face change demeanor and the jugular veins throbbing.

2. They attack you verbally without provocation. They say you are a "Nazi loving whore," "inbred redneck," and "warmonger" just to name a few. These outbursts are normally seen by a person who has a true psychotic mental disorder.

3. They always blurt out key words like "FOX NEWS," "CHENEY," "HALLIBURTON," "BUSH," and "KARL ROVE."

4. These are the type of person who attends an antiwar demonstration, hoisting a sign saying "Government Has No Right to My Uterus!" They don't care. These idiots would go and protest outside a cemetery of a dead soldier's funeral holding signs saying, "This is no different to Abortion," or "Bring Our Troops Home."

5. Listen to their standard Liberal rhetoric on an issue. The Liberals speak from the same playbook. They enjoy describing Republicans are warmongers. They are so adamant that Conservatives believe in torture and outsourcing jobs. Bush rigged the election or Republican stole the elections in 2000 and 2004.

6. Liberals are so intently fearful when they are cornered by someone with an opposing viewpoint. They become a bobcat scratching their way out from that corner. They are unable to make a reasonable rebuttal because their source of information are coming from the liberal left wing blogs, message boards, and the main stream media.

So, if you come across these morons in your everyday life, just smile and walk away. Nothing good will ever come when you deal with these bozos. Everything else is fair game. Good luck!