Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Figuired Out How Liberals Debate to Conservatives

I Figuired Out How Liberals Debate to Conservatives
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In the past several blogs, I was trying to understand what sets off Liberals. As the old adage goes, "know thy enemy." I was so interested to know why a good many people adore Barack Obama and his empty suit rhetoric. Last week, I have seen several cars having bumper stickers supporting Obama, and I said to myself, "either the owner of the car is a freaking idiot or the deep blue Obama sticker matches the color of the car."

It irks me to assemble some rational of these Obama-maniacs. It irks me even more when you encounter these lurid hapless Obama supporters and try to have a conversation. Has anyone encountered a hard core liberal? It can be frustrating and sometimes scary. Just before they implode, they usually give the Howard Dean roar! LOL!

Trying to understand them in order that we may have a decent debate seems to be hopeless. They are the most egotistical bunch of losers. I hate to be cruel to make this stereotype, but I am not exaggerating on this observation. In my four encounters in the past several weeks, I have broken down their strategy in debating with a Conservative.

Of the four I had the opportunity to discuss politics, I have noticed some strange similarities.

1. Blame Bush on everything from unable to get laid to the soaring price of gas

2. They play the victim (These four are young white and college educated. I had to laugh)

3. Blame Fox News

4. Combine many unrelated views and ideas together. My guess is to confuse the other person.

5. Play the race card and these four idiots are white. (I must be missing something. I think they called me a racist)

6. Provide ideas and solutions of the problem in America, but won't explain how they will pay for it. I almost got one of them to say to increase taxes, but this leads to seven.

7. If cornered or trying to keep their opponent off balance, they tend to change subjects a lot. If you fall for it, you will never get your point across.

8. Compared Republicans to Nazis and fascist.

9. Tend to blame everything to corporate America and Global Warming no matter what the subject is about.

10. Blame America

So, when you encounter a liberal who uses this standard diatribe as mentioned above, collect your thoughts and throw them facts that cannot be disputed. Success is seen when they implode and contradict themselves. You won the battle when they attack you personally. Your gratification is to see them give the Howard Dean roar. Shortly after they give the Democrat battle cry, RUN LIKE HELL! LOL!