Monday, September 29, 2008

Thanks to that IDIOT Pelosi the Market Tanked 777 Points

Thanks to that IDIOT Pelosi the Market Tanked 777 Points
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I am so happy that the $700 billion bailout package failed, but I am so disgusted how the Democrats put their own self political interest over the American people. It is very transparent to see how the Democrats have been playing politics on this economy from day one! Before McCain suspended his campaign to return to Washington, Democrat Majority leader Harry Reid had gone on record to say, "Where is John McCain and why isn't he here to help solve this problem." Then, McCain publically stated he will suspend his campaign and the Democrats stated that McCain shouldn't come back because a tentative agreement has been reached, which was a blatant lie.

If matters weren't so contentious, after a bipartisan agreement has been reached between Democrats and Republicans in the wee hours of Sunday morning, a glimmer of hope shined upon this present Congress showing that they care about the American people, but it would be foolish to believe in such a myth. Then, Pelosi felt to insult the GOP and blaming them on this economic mess before the actual vote on this bailout.

It turns out that the majority of GOP realized that the bailout was not to the best interest of the American people. Also, Pelosi thought she had the votes to pass this bill, but 40% of her own caucus sided with the Republican. The result was saving us from a socialist controlling government. I believe in the principle that there is another alternative route that won't bite us in the pocket. I have heard many different solutions to this mess without dumping a band-aid of $700 billion. Can anyone tell me what government program was a success under that control of the Federal Government? Well, I know that there are more failures than successes in these governments run programs. The Federal Government is not in the business in running a mortgage industry. We have seen the Democrats forcing failure in order to have the government run the show. In fact, democrats have gone on record to say that we need to "socialize" the oil companies. Recently, the Federal Government took back Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and nationalized it. In the past several months, the Federal Government had their hands on the pulse of the economy.

I really blame all this on the Democrats. Since their rise in power in 2006, they have done nothing to improve the way of life for the American people. From the energy crisis to the credit crisis, Democrats rather want to play politics than to find solutions to the problems that we face.

Today, the market tanked 777 points from the DOW and people are starting to panic, but I believe in this resilient market. It will bounce back once again because it's an election year and these idiots that are representing us are force to show that they have our best interest.

I really would like to see criminal charges given to Senators and Congressmen who are involved with this credit crisis. Senator Dodds and Frank need to go. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs to go. Senator Chuck Schumer needs to go. Senator Barack Obama needs to go. These idiots I have mentioned have direct links to the corruption in the sub-prime mortgage debacle. Republicans came to the floor back in 2004 saying that there are unaccountable shenanigans in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In 2005, McCain presented a bill to reform regulations in these quasi-government agencies, but that failed. Even in the mid-1990's, President Bill Clinton express concern over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and wanted firmer regulation, but Democrats express that there wasn't a problem.

Now it is 2008, the past has caught up with us with a vengeance. This is why we need to stop the problem before it escalates. Because of the stupidity of what the Democrats did in the past, it seems illogical to have the same people representing the Democratic party solve the problem. Case in point, look what happened today. We need change and we need to see it now, but I really do not want to see the Democrat taking any part of it. They have done enough!