Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today is the day that Journalism Died Just Because a Woman is on the Presidential Ticket

Today is the day that Journalism Died Just Because a Woman is on the Presidential Ticket
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This is the day that journalism and the media have died. Liberalism has shown its ugly face for all to see and it took a maverick in picking a woman as his vice-president to accomplish this. For the past five days, the media created and ran on dangerous grounds stories that are full of untruth, slander, and demeaning to all women, who worked so hard in making themselves known and not hidden behind a while male corporate world.

From rumors of her 4-month year old baby with special needs is really her grandchild to exploiting her 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy, how low can the media be and still be credible. Well, that has died many years ago and this is the breaking point of their existence. The National Inquire has already got their tabloid minions out to create an incredulous slander on Governor Palin. This tabloid trash, within days, got a story from the ex-brother-in-law of Sarah Palin on false rumors of infidelity between Palin and another man. In the case for John Edwards, the National Inquire had the story, but waited to get pictures and proof of Edwards infidelity. This is an attack on women in general and not being the first to break a story into the mainstream.

I thought feminism is a Liberal ideology. In today's society, it is normal to see a strong will women put in a 40-hour week, come home and take care of family, and do it all over again the next day. That is the women's movement for the past several decades. And to see this being degraded by hostile attacks on Palin is unjust.

I put a plea to every woman reading this blog and to stay to yourself, "is it worth it to allow a white-male dominated world to diminish the accomplishments of what the women's movement has created for the past quarter century." It is so obvious to see how degrading and humiliation the media and the Liberal establishment are treating to Palin. They did the same thing to Hillary Clinton in her quest to the presidency, but the act was more subtle. This, on the other hand, is a blatant attack on the accomplishment of a hard-working woman.

Sarah Palin has five children and she works for a living. She wants to create an environment for her children to have a chance to grow into respectable citizens. She went after powerful corrupt government officials and won. And now, she wants to do the right thing and make a mark that was left by Hillary Clinton and her predecessors to break that barrier that has plague the equality and empowerment of every woman from the very young to the elderly. I think it is time that we all stand together and put a McCain and Palin into the White House in order that these reformers can do the job that the American people desires.

With a very low approval rating in Congress and every American being disgusted by the corruption of interest groups and lobbyist controlling every Congressmen and Senators, the only ticket in town to make a difference is a McCain/Palin ticket than the standard Washington elitist of Obama/Biden. If you elect an Obama/Biden ticket, be prepared to see a setback in the women's movement. Obama who said that he understands middle America is frustrated and they show it by clinging to their guns and Bible is someone who has no idea what middle America is going through. He has no idea what a normal American family does in a typical day. Biden is just like Obama. He, who lost his wife and daughter in a car accident, went on to raise his boys while being a Senator. This is no different in Palin's case where she governs a huge state and comes home and helps her husband take care of the home and the children. Like Obama, Biden has shown that stereotyping people is considered the norm. For us, we call this being an ignorant racist and a bigot.

This horrible display of journalism has shown that they are only for their own special interest. They don't represent the American people. They rather smear a governor, who has an 86% approval rating in her state, and try to portray her as a bad mother.

All I can say is that to keep it up! The Liberal establishment has gone past the point of no return. There will be backlash by every single woman, who are the majority that votes. Just remember, if McCain/Palin ticket becomes a reality, not only they will clean house in Washington, they will take on the corruption of the left wing media.