Monday, October 20, 2008

Biden Warns that an International Crisis WILL Happen if Obama is President

Did you hear what Biden said? 

Democrat Vice-Presidential Biden said on Sunday, "I guaranteed that if Sen. Barack Obama gets elected, he will be tested by an international crisis within his first six months in power and he will need supporters to stand by him as he makes tough, and possibly unpopular, decisions."

Wow! Did he make a revelation about a foreign policy matter? Is Biden forewarning the American people so that we are better prepared? Did a Senate briefing revealed a potential problem in the near future? It's making me wonder.

It seems Biden is guaranteeing trouble under an Obama Administration. Remember, what Biden says should not be taken for granted. He says it would be patriotic to pay higher taxes and that this country is going to face an international crisis or two only if Obama is elected. 

Notice that Biden supports higher taxes and suggested we will not face an international crisis if McCain is elected.  See, under McCain what we would get is lower taxes and apparently a far more peaceful world.  John McCain has been tested and we all know that no one will screw with him, according to Biden. 

It seems when Biden gaffes, he is telling the truth.  Biden says the world is going to test Obama.  What's it going to be, China taking Taiwan?  Iran taking on Israel?  Russia invading Georgia again or the Urkraine?  Israel being wiped off the map?  All the above?  What is it?  Biden's guaranteeing something like this. 

First time in a long time I'm going to agree with Joe Biden.  He's exactly right. We are going to get tested if Obama is president. Man, I love Joe Biden. Thank you so much.

Now, it's your turn. So what's it going to be, people? Don't waste your vote! Do the right thing. This is very real. If you pick a rookie that needs on the job training to be president, then be prepare that our best days are behind us because there is no future for America. 

Not covinced? Biden's historical remark reminds us of past presidential challenges. Remember Jimmy Carter and the Iran Hostage Crisis? Then came Reagan and bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon. As soon Clinton took over, we saw a series of events that tested an unproven and inexperienced leader. In 1993, we saw the first WTC bombing. In 1994, we saw the reality of "Black Hawk down" in Mogadishu. In 1996, we had the Khobar Tower bombing and later we saw the embassy bombing in Kenya-Tazania. To cap Clinton's failure happened in 2000 with the bombing USS Cole. Of course, we cannot forget during Bush '43, we endured the horror of 9/11. So, Biden is using historical facts to anticipate a crisis for someone with no experience in foreign policy taking over the White House.

So, are you ready to take that chance? Are you willing to take that risk?