Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boring Debate but Looking Closely McCain Gave Substance That We Needed

Boring Debate but Looking Closely McCain Gave Substance That We Needed
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Last night debate was very boring, but it showed me that "The One" can be rattled very easily. Besides that, while Obama continue to give the same talking rhetoric from the first debate and his stump talks, McCain took the courage to give his solution to restart the economy.

McCain's fresh idea is to buy up all the bad mortgage and change the term of those loan at the current market price in order to keep those homeowners in their own homes. Instead of Mainstreet bailing out Wallstreet, McCain wants to help rescue Mainstreet, who are the engine of this economy. Whether or not this is a good idea is up to debate, but at least its an idea that we can chew on. Obama did not offer anything new.

I think Obama didn't hurt himself, but he didn't convince those undecided to join his bandwagon. This is why the race remains close.

McCain made a huge jump up from the first debate in that he was more personable and human, serious when he needed to be, but he worked in some humor at several points.

While McCain has been in many townhall forum, I felt embarrassed for Tom Brokaw in reminding Obama to keep his rhetoric within the allowed time limit. If these candidates signed an agreement on the rules of the debate, I expect it to be followed. This is where Obama showed is inexperience. Obama seemed to repeatedly break the rules simply to ramble on past the time limits, even after being indirectly admonished by Brokaw. It seems when McCain struck a nerve, Obama took the liberty to ignore all rules to try and distract the viewer with his charm and grace. At least, I can say that many others saw what I saw and won't be duped by it.

While Obama spent much of the 90 minutes repeating the same phrases and attacks from the first debate, I did enjoy to hear something fresh from McCain. I am sure McCain gave a few conservatives an angina episode with his new idea, but that stood out a little more to keep my interest in the debate.

I thought McCain generally improved his performance on the economic crisis and other domestic matters. He sounded more thoughtful, instead of constantly repeating talking points.

Obama didn’t make any obvious mistakes, except for some makeup lies, but McCain gave undecided voters a slightly improved view than they’ve seen before, while Obama looked pretty much the same. As I said before, this could make a big difference since this race remains to be very close.