Saturday, October 18, 2008

Get Ready to be Called UNITED STATES of the SOVIET REPUBLIC

In weeks leading to the election, I am hearing more of the political buzz by "Joe" American on the streets. In the old adage, it's rude to talk about religion and politics in any public or private venue, but it seems the current condition of state of this economy is extremely dire that it is the major talk around town.

I will never understand an Obama supporter. Are these individuals not informed and reckless? Do they feel in bad times, throw the candidate of the in party out and put the candidate of the out party in? My concern to their irrational thinking is very simple. Ousting the old party out during the bad times and putting a new party in does not necessarily mean it will improve the situation. How can you improve the situation by putting a Communist ideology in a Democratic society? Are we that stupid?

I hear the comparison that Obama is like Reagan, who himself didn't have the experience to be president, is laughable. At least, Reagan was a governor of a huge state and made executive decisions, compare that with Obama's experience as a community organizer. I would like to remind everybody that putting Obama in the White House would be another Jimmy Carter failure and a Woodrow Wilson's police state. We are already seeing it through Obama's associations being involved in the credit, housing, and financial mess and Obama's thug like mentality to supress those who say negative things about him. Yes, Obama is a thug. For example, Obamas camp got a rude remark by a private citizen when a Obama pollster canvassed a small town in Texas. Well, that family on the following day got a visit by Secret Service accused of death threats to a potential presidential candidate. Wow, I didn't know being rude was a federal offense? Now, that is what we call abusing one's power

If the young college kids come out to vote Obama, I want these young idiots to understand what awaits for them. NO JOBS! Let's see how they will like that. Raising taxes DOES NOT create jobs. It is a job killer. It will be a trickle down effect that will punish all Americans. We DO NOT need government to take care of us and run our lives. Their role should be limited in order that WE can prosper in America.

The notion of spreading the wealth is stupid and unfair. Obama tax "cut", which is a refundable tax credit, plan is to take the money of those fortunate and give it to 43% of those Americans who don't pay taxes. Now, is that fair?

We are going to be a nanny state with big brother watching over us. Get ready America to be called the United States of the Soviet Republic! We will be saying, "Hi, comrade! Please pass the vodka!"

If Obama gets elected, I think we should start learning Russian, or the Obama goons will come after us.