Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If a One party System with Republicans Failed, Democrats Won't Fair Any Better

That dumbass DNC Chairman Howard Dean said yesterday that he’s real excited working with a one party system controlling all aspects of government.

Dean said on MSNBC, “Republicans had a chance to rule. They failed miserably. I think it’s time to give the other party a chance.”

Can we agree that two wrongs don't make a right? Look at the statement Dean made. Actually, Dean is saying that a Republician one party system screwed up America. Now, it's the Democrats turn. But let me remind everybody that Democrats are the problem child. They are the cause of the woes we experience. The Democrats lead us to the Great Depression. Their ineptness in the 90's gave us 9/11. Their corruption with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac gave us the economy we are suffering today. Now, by giving them the tri-fecta on November 4, it would be a utterly disastrous.

If Dean's argument is saying that “You cannot trust Republicans with your money. They will borrow and spend, borrow and spend, borrow and spend,” then it would be fair to say, "You cannot trust Democrats with your money. They will redistribute your money to everybody and they will spend like no tomorrow because they have no discipline to save."