Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its Time to Oust that Jackass John Murtha

If Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha did a disservice to his office, he did it yesterday and he did it to his own constituents.

Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha gave his Republican rival some fresh ammunition Wednesday when he called his own constituents "racist" in an interview with his local newspaper.

Rep. Murtha said that western PA are racist, so don't expect them to vote for a black man. Today, he apologies. When can we say enough is enough. Why are Pennslyvanians giving this 'ass' a pass? Murtha's continuous and overt liable statements stretch way back when he slandered a group of marines in an act of vicious atrocities.

I hope karma brings the justice that this pathetic soul deserves. Murtha sold his soul to the satanic abyss of the Democrat Party.

My advice to Pennsylvania. It's time to vote this jackass out of office and open the ABSCAM file and indict him.