Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let me tell you the Democrat Philosophy

I take offense to Barack Obama's comments that he feels we grow the economy from the bottom up.

You know, one of the first rules of life that I learned is if you're going to go out there and speak about something, you first better know your stuff. Obama has no idea about small businesses because he & Michelle never ran a business. He thinks making over $250,000 is "rich."  It's not.  Besides paying workers' comp, liability, health care, yearly bonuses, and sick time, Obama does not take into consideration the financial risk small business owners take every day to open their door.

But Obama doesn't care about the greedy business owner, he wants the struggling employees. Those are the votes he wants.  Obama wants these employees resenting the employer.  He wants employees resenting big corporations. This is where the 'messiah' comes in to praise the word that he will promote change.

Can you see a pattern? It is the foundation of the Democratic Party. It is to suppress an individual to the point that they become dependent on the government. That's what Democrats want, and when that happens, they want to be able to blame on the small or big business, as they have been for years, for being greedy and selfish and not sharing their wealth and so forth, even after they go out of business.

This class warfare has consequences.
According to Obama's plan not taxing anybody making less than $250,000, it would be smart not exceeding that number. Therefore, to prevent giving that extra tax to Obama, there will be people who will lose their jobs. Also, if the idea for business not to exceed over $250,000 and the 4% surtax that's attached to it, how are small businesses going to grow? It's damn if you do or damn if you don't. No matter how you look at it, if Obama gets elected, we are screwed.

So to my Democrat friends, who feel that they're going to get this "change" when Barack Obama's elected, let me tell you what will happen. We must get rid of the notion of this socialist belief that employer & employee needs to be equal. Obama's tax plan will not elevate the employee to the level of their employer, but the other way around.

What Obama is going to do is take away from everybody above you and 'redistribute' that so that everybody will be equal with you.  Your life is not going to change, but a lot of other people's will change and they will be brought down to your level. Then let's see what they say when they find out change does not mean that their own economic circumstance improves.

Democrats punish achievement, and they think everybody's should be on the same playing field. Well, the only way that can happen is if we're all miserable.  Everybody will be equally miserable, and that's what the Democrats are going to do. If you think Obama's change involves you getting happy, forget it - unless you want to be happy because other people are getting screwed.  That's the Democrat philosophy.

That is why I'm a conservative Republican & will vote for McCain because I don't agree with the Liberal Socialist ideology. Besides, Obama is not suppose to run because he is not an American citizen.