Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Michael Savage Tells Independent Voter to Vote McCain

I have never been a fan of talk show personality Michael Savage because of his constant rant against the Bush Administration and his typical segue into topics nothing related to politics. I find it boring, but when Michael Savage talks against Liberalism and radical Islam, he is one of the most intelligent speakers on talk radio.

Savage is not a conservative, but a free wheeling Independent that holds the key to the majority of Independents in America. He has done something that I never would have guess. I actually heard him endorse John McCain.

Savage told listeners of his nationally syndicated radio show today: “I intended not to endorse anyone for this election prior to this week. But the more I have learned about Obama, the more I realized I cannot sit on the sideline. So I have to officially say, and sadly so, that I am going to endorse John McCain, for whatever it’s worth. I have put my own ego aside and I have to say what’s best for America. I’ll take my chances with the old war horse and even with Sarah Palin, who I’m not really a big fan of, by the way, over this naked Marxist revolutionary, because I don’t want to see what the next Pol Pot’s liable to do to the world.”

I have heard a past program of Michael Savage many months ago of a listener who said that the Independents in America are asking for some kind of signal. Finally, Savage, the man who represents many Independents and undecided voters, gave that signal and said he will support McCain over that Marxist renegade (Obama).

Many are wondering to themselves why this is significant? Well, Michael Savage may not get the notoriety like Rush or Hannity, but he does command 8 million listeners per week on his radio show and 2.4 million hits per month on his website.

I consider it very significant and increasingly helpful for the McCain campaign. As Rush Limbaugh once said, "one way or another, we will drag McCain over that finish line."