Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Predictions if Barack Obama Gets the White House

I have been getting complaints that I write most of my blogs against Obama, but I feel that it's of dire importance to voice a realistic view of events that will affect each one of us.

I will never understand the psyche of anyone who supports Obama. Is it guilt? Is it something you really haven't put much thought? Is it because you feel it's a civic duty?

Whatever moronic reasons you can conjure up, let me predict for you what will happen with an Obama presidency.

- If a super Democratic majority in the Senate, House, and the White House are realized, you will see suppression of the conservative talk radio and the new media outlet.

- Barack will double capital gain tax rate, which will cause a major sell off in the stock market. Currently, we are seeing the results of panic in Wall Street because fear of an Obama presidency.

- Like Bill Clinton reneging not to raise our taxes, Obama will have no choice, but do the same. With all those Socialist plans that Obama wants, he needs money to fund it.

- This $250,000 magic number we have been inundated for weeks is a crock of crap. You will see every American family making $100,000 pay close to 60% of their income in taxes.

- The do-nothing Congress will continue to do what they do best - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except for spending more than any Congress in American History.

- Obama will weaken the Patriot Act and would increase our vulnerability to terrorist.

- Assure that a major international crisis will occur months after Bush leaves office under a Obama. presidency

- Obama will socialize medicine in America though federal insurance that will include illegal aliens

- Obama will pull troops out of Iraq immediately causing for the next president to clean up the mess Obama left.

- You will see that recession that every doom and gloom idiots were hoping for the past several years.

- Obama will allow the Bush tax cuts to expire.

- Obama will fix Social Security by raising Social Security, income, and payroll tax.

- Obama will end the tax deductions that we enjoy in our contributions to our retirement.

- Obama will allow illegal immigration to run amuck and give these illegal aliens the right to vote.

- Obama will have the opportunity to nominate 2 to 3 Liberal Supreme Court Justices and revert the Supreme Court to the radical left.

- Obama will screwed up health care system that will ration medicine like England and Canada. The elderly will be affected the most

- We will end up a big-time nanny welfare state.

Is that what you really want? Please believe what I say. Barack Obama has no experience to be President, Senator, or a community organizer. He is a crooked politician.