Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama Busted! Admits to Spread the Wealth

Obama Busted! Admits to Spread the Wealth

Category: News and Politics

Obama got busted! The 'messiah' over the weekend was caught in public talking to a group of people. A plumber stated frankly, "you are planning to raise my taxes."

Obama, a Socialist in a Democrat garb, told the plumber that he wants to take those taxes and help those who are less fortunate. Then Robin Hood Wonderboy said to "spread the wealth around." Actually, Obama said, "When you spread the wealth around, everybody wins."

This is wealth redistribution and it's the basic fundamental of Socialism. It is wrong and this form of rhetoric is destructive to this country and the economy.

The wealth belongs to the people who earned it, and the government can't spread it around without first seizing it. Of course seizing that wealth from the high-achievers is something that appeals to a huge number of voters in this country, but taxing the rich who are the businesses that provides jobs and services will only screw the American people

To solve this, we need tax reform. We need the Fair Tax. This will end the corruption of Washington politicians from manipulating the class warfare in getting the votes.