Monday, October 27, 2008

This Election is about the Supreme Court. Dont Let Obama Take It

Yesterday, I wrote a blog of my predictions of an Obama presidency, and today, my one of my predictions have been confirmed from the Drudge Report.

I mentioned that Obama will have an opportunity to put 2-3 Justices to the Supreme Court tilting the views of their rulings radically to the left. In the Drudge Report, there is a YouTube video purporting the views how Obama would like to see the Supreme Court be conducted.

The 'Joe the Plumber' remark about spreading the wealth was no gaffe. Obama meant it and that was no accident. He wants to see the Supreme Court to favor spreading the wealth for fairness to all. Obama went on say that the Supreme Court under Justice Warren was not radical. Yeah, right! It is more like not radical enough because Obama feels that giving rights to the convicted is not sufficient. Remember, we had a glimpse of Obama's adamant view in the Democratic primary debate when Charles Gibson asked him why he didn't support the fact that cutting corporate tax increase revenues. Obama conceded, but added, "I wants to see an increase in capital gains tax for fairness to the American people." My friends, that is called Socialism.

With 7 judges in the Supreme Court in their 70's, including Justice Ginsberg and Steven's mentioning retirement in the next Administration, Obama will definitely get that chance to radically screw the court system and take this country to the wrong direction. Under the surface, this election is all about the Supreme Court and selection of judges. The economy will eventually rebound, but the rules that make the laws of this land are permanent.

Are you ready to see a major crisis turned into a horrible nightmare?