Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bailout Will Be Used to Purchase Employees Viagra

If I were to tell you that bailing out the automakers will give those employees the proper access to medications to "get it up," what would you say? Have you seen the benefits these employees get while working at the auto industry? It's obscene!

I was at a pharmacy buying a few over-the-counter necessities and I overheard an older gentleman arguing with the cashier at the pharmacy department why his auto union card doesn't cover his Viagra. I had to stop and eavesdrop. LOL. This older gentleman said that the union pays for Viagra. So, the cashier reprocessed his insurance card. A co-pay was generated and the man was yelling why did his co-pay go up. I had to leave the pharmacy before I couldn't restrain myself in laughter.

I had to do some internet research and found out that one of the benefits the automakers gives to their employees are medications for impotence.

Although I am unable to find Ford nor Chrysler's disclosure on the amount spent on erectile dysfunction drugs, I found out that GM recently raised the co-pay for erectile dysfunction drugs to $20 under an agreement with the UAW.

The automaker spends over $11 billion each year on health care. While lifestyle drugs are a small fraction of the total medical bill, it has been estimate that it cost $1500 per car to pay the companies healthcare expenses. Given the large number of aging autoworkers in the U.S., the industry's Viagra tab and bill for other erectile dysfunction drugs is certain to continue rising.

While many government and company health plans have eliminated the "special blue pill" drug from coverage plans, GM has more than two retirees for every active worker on its payroll, and in order be must viable, the auto industry must negotiate eliminating the "Viagra" drugs from the union health plan with the UAW.

So, while we are mulling over this bailout of the auto industry, their main priority is figuring how to keep these old geezers stiff and happy. Let end this and make the auto industry seek a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, end the unions, and move them to a Right to Work state. This is one area which mismanagement, poor decision, and corruption has lead to the downfall of the American automaker.