Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday May Be Dangerous to Your Health

What have we become? This society has gone to the dogs. The Media proliferation of sex, drugs, homosexuality, deceit, and many immoral issues has sweep throughout America. We have lost our sense of common sense and our consistent complacency has destroyed the essential fundamental foundation that this country was founded on. No more having a parent taking care of the child when there is television, computers, and video games. No more exposing a child about complexities of life, but instead keeping them in a bubble from the outside world never letting them grow up. No more disciplining a child when it is frown upon by society and the fear of government intervention.

I have talked about this many months ago. Comparing from last year, I see a continual degradation of the family. I see spousal murder, spousal abuse, child abuse, children killing children, children killing adults, and children killing parents as the norm. What is wrong with this picture? A civil-minded individual would be horrid by the fact that we are being more selfish of our own needs and forgetting the needs of others. It doesn't help much when the fuel of the fire is bombarded on a daily basis by what the media feeds us.

Hence, yesterday was Black Friday. It is shopping season galore. The minute feeling of a hint of a recession has been temporarily forgotten since it is the festive season of love, reflection, and giving. I just came back from the mall yesterday to see, for my curiosity, the comparison between what the media calls a recession and how packed were the parking lots. I can say it is a good sign to see people go shopping. In this artificial economic downturn, people are shopping wisely than carefree, but I would never guess to see people acting like idiots. It is insane to see the behavior of a person when they see the word "sale." It is like a once in a lifetime opportunity soon to be lost forever when the supply is exhausted. Some people call it a tradition. I call it stupidity. To the more observant individual, these absurd “sales” only tell us that the actual price of the product is far cheaper than what it actually states.

But it doesn't remove the fact that these absurd "sales" should cause people to act like animals. Yesterday, there are news reports of fighting, shooting, and a horrifying death by stampede. When you have a gun fight at Toys R Us leading toward two deaths, wouldn’t you say that things are getting out of hand? When you have a temporary store clerk being trampled to death by a mob of thousands stampeding into Wal-Mart to get that $300.00 laptop, I think we need to take a step back and relax. When you have people physically yelling and fighting for a discounted 40% off Play Station system, I hope little Billy at home really appreciated the gift that his parents fought tooth and nail to get it.

This is what I call an embarrassment. This is what I call Liberalism. It’s losing ones individual responsibility with all rule of order thrown out the window.