Saturday, November 1, 2008

Can You Trust Obama? Do you Know Really Know Him?

Liberals are very generous with other peoples money, but are cheapskates with their own money. If Biden made $10 million in the span of ten years, why did he only donated a total of $3,600 in charities? If Obama has made millions as a US Senator and says we should be our brothers keeper, why would he abandoned his extended family? Well, we knows Obama has a half-brother in Africa that lives in poverty and an aunt living as an illegal alien in destitute here in America. If Obama is the mantra of being our brothers keeper, why hasn't he extended his concern and give a family member a helping hand?

But the Obama/Biden ticket is willing to tax the heck of the fortunate and redistribute that money to people who don't pay any taxes. Is that fair?

Keep in mind that Obama and Biden are the number #1 and #3, respectively, Liberals in the the US Senate. This is a proven fact. As Liberals, it is an accepted fact that they tend to spread the wealth. The Democrats will bring down the people who are fortunate and punish them for being successful. Democrats want to suppress the will of the American people to control the votes. A good example is what the Democrats did when they killed the Bush initiative with Social Security and tax reform.

So far, what I say is true. If Obama is a well-known Liberal in the Senate, what make you think you can trust him to keep his word. We have seen the inexperience with Jimmy Carter and look what he has done to us. We have seen the lies of Bill Clinton in not raising taxes and look how he took back his word. Now, you have a candidate in Obama who has no experience, and he has already lied to the American people when he said that he would take public finances for this election. What makes you think he is not going to raise our taxes? What makes you think this country will be safe under an Obama Administration?

What say you?