Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Colmes Breaking Up With Hannity at Fox! Good Ridden

My only source for news 24/7 is FOX News Channel (FNC). It is the only fair and balance 24-hour general news service covering breaking news as well as political, entertainment and business news.

It was announced on Monday that longtime talk show duo Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes will be parting at the end of the year. Hannity will remain in his current spot but Colmes will be moving on to other programs at the network.

The press release issued Monday by FOX News Channel’s (FNC):

Alan Colmes will relinquish his role as co-host of Hannity & Colmes at the end of the year. Colmes will continue to have a presence on FNC as he will serve as a liberal commentator on a variety of FOX News programming, including Foxnews.com’s The Strategy Room and continue hosting his radio program, The Alan Colmes Show on FOX Talk, a division of FOX News Radio. He will also begin developing a weekend program.

Since the show has ran for 12 years, it catapulted to number one in 2003 and never relinquishing the top spot. It is the second highest-rated program in cable news behind only The O’Reilly Factor.

But as Conservative talk radio thrived for decades, so too will Conservative TV programs. Colmes had no chance and portrayed very weak against Hannity. Colmes talking points were minute and twisting a context to expedite his rhetoric. It was pathetic to watch him debate with Hannity and their guest.

Honestly, I'm glad Colmes is out. Now, we will see a true Conservative attack his Liberal guest without stupid comments from Colmes. That what we need. It will allow Hannity more time to divest his questions in depth to scrutinize these idiotic Liberals, who have the gut to go on the show.

I am hedging that the Hannity Show will produce a larger viewing audience since we no longer have to hear the lunacy of Alan Colmes. Good ridden!