Sunday, November 23, 2008

Employee Free Choice Act is what Obama Wants. He is such a Typical Thug

In April 2008, then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said in Philadelphia, “I’ve fought to pass the Employee Free Choice Act in the Senate. And I will make it the law of the land when I’m president of the United States of America.”
President-elect Obama will move into the White House with increased Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate, which also support legislation designed to end of the declining union membership.
The bill replaces the secret ballot by allowing union organizers to publicly ask workers to sign a card in favor of unionizing. If a bare majority of employees approve, then an employer would have to recognize the union. Also, under the proposed bill, if parties can’t settle a dispute within 120 days, the dispute goes to an arbitration panel that can impose a contract that is binding for two years. Opponents of the bill say that would take away any incentive for either side to negotiate.
Card check passed the Democratic House last year but died in a Republican-led filibuster. As long as Republicans have 40 votes in the Senate, they can stop the bill.
It is not the Employee Free Choice Act, but rather, it is the forced choice act. There is no problem with the private ballot. If you eliminate that, it opens it up to coercion.
If Obama supported the proposal right away, it would cause uproar from small business owners across the country.
This could be a great opportunity for Obama to stand up against an issue that is bad for the country and would be bad for him, but this would be impossible, since his campaign was hugely funded by union supporters. Also, labor unions contributed about $400 million this year to congressional candidates who support the bill, according to the Workforce Fairness Institute. If the bill passes, the institute states unions can anticipate a rise in unionization to 80 percent.
I found a Heritage Foundation study citing evidence of coercion at workplaces where card check was used. An example of coercion was a card check campaign at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Union organizers said that workers who did not sign union cards would lose their jobs. Another example was a case with a United Steel Workers of America official threatened to report migrant workers to federal officials if they did not sign the cards. Well, I think that was self explanatory and very obvious of the abuse.

If you are unsure what Obama supports, just wait an see. I coming in bits and pieces, but shortly you will be shocked of his Socialistic views. Suppression and oppressing the voice of the American people is what you can expect from a thug-like Obama administration.

That's the change you can count on!