Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fancy Words Wont Get The Automakers Any Bailout Money

If you are pissed at this current economy, you need to know what the unions at the Big Three automakers want. These unions are the clandestine whore to this economy.  They are looking for a way to grab a nice chunk of the bailout package, and I hope they really fail. Even though the automakers want to keep these unionized benefits viable for their employees, the bailout may be a simple fix, but it won't solve their problem. Give them the funds to bail them out and they will come back for more 8 months later.
Did you know that an average unionized worker earns about $75 an hour in wages and benefits? That's more than $130,000 a year. That's about three times as much as the typical American worker. Did you know that employees at a Japanese auto plant in America makes between $42 and $48 an hour? It may not be chump change, but I think one could live on $80,000? In contrast, did you know the average American working in the private sector on average earns about $25 an hour?  OMG! I must be in the wrong business
So when you see the executives for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler pleading their case for a piece of the bailout, I would not feel sad or sorry for their current state. It's worth remembering that the UAW is the main cause for this mess. The union and these high salaries are chocking the Big Three. Rather than fixing the mess internally, the union wants the government to pony up the money.
What I am trying to say is that if the taxpayers are being asked to bailout for the Big Three automakers, the UAW should dissolve itself from the automakers. Maintaining this rate of pay is unsustainable in the current economic environment. Is it me or does everybody get the message except for Detroit?