Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Media Gave Obama the White House? What Next?

Now, the idiot drive-by media are back tracking their orgasmic, tingle up their leg love about Barack Obama. The media has manipulated this election to put an inexperienced black man as president for good ratings and good stories for the next 4 years. Knowing a lot about McCain, the media knew that a 4 year McCain Administration would been boring.

I listened to Charlie Rose and Tom Browkaw talked about not knowing a lot about Barack Obama. They agreed that he is an enigma and mystical. Well, if the media did their job, this would not been an issue after the election.

Now the media is criticizing that Obama is singular and a manipulative guy. The media is scared. They say its scary to see Obama on stage alone without his wife and kids during the victory presidential speech. The media is questioning his qualification as president. The media is questioning his associations. Well, they are 12 months too late.

Now, the media have realized their incompetence. The media have lost their credibility that they once had long past. This turn of event is small, but it will leak into something big. The media got they wanted and now they want to call unaccountability. Next on the media's agenda is to go after talk radio. That is another concern that the drive-by media wants to extinct. By silencing talk radio, the drive-by media will accomplish the monopoly of the news and will be able to structure their Liberal views onto the naïve American people.

All I can say, you idiots who supported Obama, I hope your family suffers. Because your vote to bring this inexperience joke into the presidency, I hope the Democrats increase the capital gain taxes, end coal technology, take away our 401K deductions, weaken our military, allow another attack on our shores, and let the AMT to continue, just to name a few. It will take pain and sufferance to change our point our view. I call them masochist, but that how the weak mind works.

Look here. NYC mayor Bloomberg is reneging out giving rebate checks and will increase the property tax. Mayor Bloomberg wants to decrease the budget deficits by raising taxes and cutting the budget. The NYC mayor wants to cut the fire and police force. This tax increase will drive people out of the city in fuller force and take NYC back before pre-Gulliani. What ever happened to curb the spending?

Now take that to a grander scale with Obama and the state of the economy. He wants to increase taxes and drive our corporations overseas or put them out of business. Let's bring unemployment through the roof. Can't you see what's going to happen? Obama and the left wing idiots want to bankrupt our economy in order to expand the government and grow the national deficit. It is another version of a FDR New Deal. That is the only time you will see the real agenda come into fruition of an Obama Administration.

But hey, it is my opinion and when I'm passionate about something, I am usually right. I said yesterday that an Obama win will tank the markets. Even though today the unemployment report was bleak, the Obamamania took the market into another drop by 400 point (2:15pm today). That is a 10% drop in two day and it is the most post-election drop in history.

I wonder if these Obama voters will one day say, "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" I hope they realize they voted for a person and a party that caused the downturn of this economy. Remember that Obama, Senator Chris Dodd, Rep. Barney Frank and the rest of the Democrat party had a huge part in the subprime mess, housing debacle, and the Fannie Mae crisis.

Well, at least, I don't need to hear anymore about blaming the Republicans or George Bush. I wonder who the Democrats will be blaming now for their stupidity.