Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mein Furor Obama Cannot Keep A Secret! Heil Obama!

I just wrote a blog about Obama pretending to be presidential, and I saw this article at the Drudge Report.

In a private meeting, Bush gave Obama a tour of the White House and both sat down in the Oval Office to discussed how to proceed a smooth transition and talk basic shop.

If this meeting is private with no aides or anyone in the room, you can assume that what was said between them does not leave the room. But right after the meeting, Obama ran to the press. It is obvious that Obama is making this leak as an effort to undermine the president's remaining days in office. It was only Obama in the room with Bush. Who do you think leaked the conservation if no one else was in the room? Duh!

It seem that Obama is disillusioned again pretending he is commander-in-chief. He thinks this is the TV show 'West Wing.' Obama should use his head once in a while. It is an understood tradition that conversations between presidents is a private affair.
So, what would you think when details of their confidential conversation began leaking out to the press? Yes, Bush was pissed.

At least we know one thing, Obama can't keep a secret. Heavens forbid if Obama leaked top secret information to China or other countries that hate us. I see this as a defiant act against Bush. This is pathetic. Obama destroyed the trust and exposed his thug-like persona in front of George W. Bush, who opened the White House doors to the Obamas. Instead of being gracious, Obama acted like a typical Chicago thug politician.

Obama will never change. Obama is as arrogant and disillusioned just like Hitler, who didn't stop till he get absolute power and died trying to get it.

Heil Obama! Heil Obama!!