Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mein Furor Obama Wants to Close Club Gitmo but What About Its Prisioners

Mein Furor Obama has elected his options to close Club Gitmo permanently. To every Kool-Aid drinker out there supporting this idiotic decision, what do we do with the prisoner at Club Gitmo? I guess Liberals can only think small segments at a time. I always wonder how they are able to function on a daily bases. I need to be patient with special needs people. So, to all Liberals, please take it up a notch.

Bringing the terrorists to the U.S. will produce consequences that will begin to roll up immediately, not the least of which will be the cost associated with the merger of the military tribunal system into the criminal justice system. The safety of the terrorists within the U.S. prison population will also become an issue, as will release issues. If they are release, do we let them free within our own borders? Do we allow them to mingle in general population with other criminals. I can see a major upheaval within our prison system that could cause irreversible damage.

The rhetoric of "closing Gitmo" is just the first instance where the reality of governing will prove much more difficult than that of campaigning.  While aspects of the aftermath of the Boumediene ruling remain to be worked out via the habeas proceedings underway, a rush to close Gitmo laced with rhetoric about "kangaroo courts" is a certain way to launch the new Administration in the wrong direction when it comes to national security.

This will be a major problem that will assist in destroying America. Putting suspected terrorists in our prison system will only grow the anti-American sentiment among the general population. So, if Mein Furor Obama's intent to seek reparation of the injustices among the blacks, this is not the way. Annihilating this Nation is not the answer.