Saturday, November 1, 2008

My 10 Reasons Why I Will NOT For Barack Obama

Here are my reasons why I WILL NOT VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA

1. Barack Obama association makes you question his integrity and judgement to be president. I don't trust Obama.

2. Obama is the MSM darling. The MSM gives Obama a pass on all aspects of his campaign because Obama is the anointed one.

3. Biden is the heartbeat away to the presidency. Joe's gaffe and arrogance is documented throughout YouTube. From lying to being insensitive, he a danger to himself

4. Obama Flip flop as bad as John Kerry. From the flag pin, campaign financing, immediate troop withdrawal, FISA, to dividing the land between Israel and Palestine, NAFTA, and whose going to win the world series

5. Obama is out of touch with America. He is radically outside of the mainstream. Calling middle America clinging to their guns, bible and God having antipathy to those who are different from them. Radical views on Abortions. Allowing sex-ed. to K to 12, supporting against infant born alive act, Freedom of Choice Act, Employee Freedom Choice Act [pro-union with force], give illegal citizen the right to vote.

6. Liberal take over may happen if the White House, Senate, and House are taken over by Democrats. Universal healthcare, pro-union bill, tax increase, Liberal Supreme Bench, and expansion of government will be ramrod without debate.

7. Divisive politics of Obama. He is using race to his advantage until they called him out. Now black leaders are using race against McCain. Its a race campaign.

8. Tax and spending by Obama will amount to trillions of spending by taxing the fortunate and redistribute that money to people who don't pay taxes. Obama and his protectionism will scare off Canada and Mexico to seek trade with Europe and Chins causing a disaster to our economy.

9. Foreign policy. Biden says that something will happen if Obama will get elected. He was a community organizer and no foreign policy. Living outside America as a boy doesn't give experience in foreign policy. He never visit Iraq or Afghanistan until recently, and he calls to directly negotiate with Iran. Obama is another Jimmy Carter who used the word change on Carter's campaign. Both are Losers!

10. Lack of experience. No qualification. No accomplishment. He was a part time State Senator. Pass only one bill and then he runs for president. Obama voted present 135 times in state senate and said he voted wrong 6 times . In Nov 2004, Obama said that he is not ready to run a national ticket. As US Senator, he sponsored 121 bills, which 3 were enacted. Even Biden said that the presidency does not lend to on the job training. Let's sum up his record. Obama was a Community organizer for couple years, 8 year State Senate that he vote present 135 times, and 4 years as US Senator, of which 2 of those years campaigning for the presidency.

Compare to McCain, there is no comparison. If you vote for Obama, you should be careful what you wish for.