Thursday, November 20, 2008

Never Allow a Crisis to Go To Waste

Never allow a crisis to go to waste

This is a real crisis that cannot be ignored. I don't feel sorry for Obama, but for the idiot voters that voted for him. As I said in my first sentence, we are in a crisis. I wonder if the voters now believe they had made a mistake. I wonder if these Obama supports honestly trust that their messiah can fix the economy, trade, the credit market, Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, the automaker bailout, the pirates hijacking oil tankers for ransom, the slumping stock market, Russian Putin wanting to come back in power, Israel and Palestine conflict, and Iran achieving enough nuclear material to make an atomic bomb.

In these trouble and uncertain times, I wonder if the American people made the right choice. With majority of Obama supports showing a lack of intelligence base on a Zogby's comprehensive poll after the election, I highly doubt the American people knew the implications of their decision in putting an inexperience man in office.

The market flocculation can be blamed on Obama's presidency. I don't want to hear the mumbo-jumbo of the metrics of the economy. This market is a psychological device showing how the American people feel. The market is run base on pure emotions. If you know owning a business, it is based on preparing for tomorrow. When you have a president who will raise our taxes, these companies will prepare for it. The will cut down on payroll, equipment, and change the way they invest. This is what we are seeing now.

The only way to solve most of our economic woe is to have the messiah make an announcement that he will not raise any taxes during this economic downturn. If he did that, you will see the market jump 1000 points and we will get out of this recession, but that is only a fantasy.

WHERE THE HELL IS OBAMA? I know he is not president yet, but he can talk to the American people of his plan. He can talk to the automakers and help resolve the crisis. Obama can start discussing among the leaders in Washington the direction he wants to lead. I though Obama would heal the world and it seems there is a world crisis that needs comforting. Heck, the American people needs reassurance and stabilize their confidence.

We already know what's going to happen. The market is reflecting on our current crisis and how we feel. Let me fill you in for those who are clueless. Obama's Chief of Staff said that they are planning big things because our current crisis provides an opportunity to get it done. Yeah, that is what Rahm Emanuel said.

The actual quote Emanuel said, "Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are opportunities to do big things."

Under this view, the need to accomplish big-government action is the problem, and the crisis is the solution.

Keep this in mind, people of America. Is Obama's goal to fix the crisis -- or to use it to accomplish other things that he wanted to accomplish anyway?

So, I pose to the intellect Obama supporters this question. What do you think Emanuel meant? Let me help with the answer. Obama will allow the market to tank in order that he can spend like a drunken sailor to get out of it. It is a short term solution with a devastating long term effect. In other words, Obama will tax like crazy to get out of this mess.