Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Broke His Promise by Supporting The Fairness Doctrine

Barack Obama pick Henry Rivera to head the Federal Communications Commission transition team.

Henry Rivera is a former Democratic FCC commissioner, former lobbyist, and currently a partner at communications law firm Wiley Rein.

Henry Rivera is a longtime radical leftist expected to bring back the Fairness Doctrine and end conservative talk radio. This will play well to those idiot Democrat senators who supports it. Rivera will play a pivotal role in preventing Obama's critics from having a public voice during Obama's tenure in office.

Rivera worked under the Reagan Administration as FCC director and resigned from the FCC because Reagan believes that the Fairness Doctrine as contradiction to civil rights issue. Rivera's departure during the Reagan Administration paved the way for the Fairness Doctrine's repeal when the late president appointed Patricia Diaz Dennis in 1986 to fill out the rest of Rivera's term.

If Rivera did not resigned, talk radio as we know it today would not exist. Now, this idiot is back to reclaim past glory.

Rivera will have the opportunity to end conservative talk radio in June 2009, as the term of Republican Robert McDowell expires. Once Rivera takes over, I can assure you that this idiot will replace with a pro-Fairness Doctrine ideology. He will accomplish this by making the commission all pro-Democrats. By using the Obama goon-like tactic, Rivera will control the commission.

You may ask what will Rivera and the Fairness Doctrine will do? One way is that the FCC will regulate the content of speech on the radio. In other words, the FCC will censor all radio programs base on unfairness complaints.

Another way how conservative talk radio will be screwed is by forcing these station to carry liberal talk programming in order to comply with the law. That means Air America Radio, a liberal talk radio, will benefit from the Fairness Doctrine's implementation.

But my question is wouldn't liberal talk stations also be also required to run conservatives talk radio? Hmm. I would like to pose that this Fairness Doctrine is a violate to the First Amendment. It is unconstitutional and I would challenge anyone who believes I am wrong. Since when the government can control what is said over the 'public' airways.

Yup, that's the change you can believe in. Obama is washing his hands on this because this appointment doesn't need to go through Congress. I have said that Obama is going to govern like President Woodrow Wilson by bullying, suppressing, and being tyrannical.

Hey! To all Independent voters, who supported Obama and against the Fairness Doctrine, what do you think about him now? Idiots!