Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama a House Negro? Yeah? and.....

I need to interject the obvious stupidity of the month. This past week was abuzz with the news that Al-Qaeda's second in command, Ayman al Zawahri called President-elect Barak Obama a House Negro, a racially-charged term used by 1960s black American Muslim leader Malcolm X to describe black slaves loyal to white masters. I'm just impress that Al Zawahri knows anything about American Black History. I'm not perturb that an Al-Qaeda leader called Obama a "House Negro," but I'm annoyed by those hypersensitive morons who literally took the comment as an outrage.

Please get a life. To call him a "House Negro" would be missing the entire point of just who a "House Negro" is, and what he represents. Throughout the blogosphere, I read the protest like America overcame the evils of slavery, we still struggle with racism, but our system grants equal rights to people of all color, and Obama is a product of that struggle and an example of just how equal we are. Yada, yada, yada.

These Liberals and crazy Democrats must have forgotten their tirade using this racial epithet when they called Secretary of State Colin Powell a "House Negro" and when they called Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a "House Negro" and "Aunt Jemima?" I guess the Liberals had an absentminded moment. Hey, Al Sharpton publicly suggest that Powell and Rice as "House Negro". Does that make it right for anybody to call these racial epithet? It is yes or no and not maybe.

So before we get all outraged, let's remember this:
Al-Qaeda has murdered 3,000 Americans inside of 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half; they have beheaded American journalists and a American citizen; they have committed all kinds of atrocities all over the world.  And now the American left (MSM and Al Sharpton particularly) is finally upset at Al-Qaeda dare to say something racist!  The Liberals turned a blind eye and allowed Al-Qaeda to kill whoever they want, and whenever they want. In return, Liberals will do their best to understand them, but when these enemies of the United States start using racist language, this is when Liberals put their foot down!  The media has toned down and even condone the actions of our enemy. From condemnation of Club Gitmo to showing sympathy of a child murderer, it reminds me that this society doesn't have their priorities in the right order.

Obama may be a "House Negro" not in the literal sense, but what else is new. Obama will be a puppet with a symbolic stature. The Democrat Majority and the special interest group that got Obama the White House will set his agenda to follow. Let's agree that Obama is the most Liberal Senator based on his record in the state legislator in Illinois and the US Senate. He ran way left during the Democrat primary and tried to run as a moderate during the general election. He funded a campaign from unknown scrupulous donors like Mickey Mouse and Howard Hughes. Obama is influence, by his own choice, radical associates ranging from a terrorist to a corrupt businessman, who supported his campaign. It seems that there are a lot of people Obama owes for winning the White House.

Don't be fool by his leadership. His good fortunes are pure coincidences. It is incredible that a man, who was a community organizer turned to an ineffective state senator then to a 3 year term US Senator, who only served 1 year while running for presidency, is able to achieve highest job in the land without any experience. It is now what you know; it's who you know. That is how Obama will govern this country. Obama owes so many people that he will be an lame duck president. We are seeing Obama returning the favor back to his "master." Obama's policy will be ramrod unbeknownst to the public eye. Already, he is planning to return the favor of his donors like the unions with the Employee Free Choice Act and the Pro-Choice movement with the Freedom of Choice Act.

So, Al-Qaeda's second in command, Ayman al Zawahri is not completely wrong with his statement.