Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama Needs To Stop Acting Presidential and Be Presidential

I saw how MSNBC is determined to describe the Obama Administration to the TV series 'West Wing'. It is so laughable to hear that there is somehow a connection to potential cabinet members of Obama and the fictitious characters of the TV show.

This is not a reality show. I am starting to get sketched out by the stupidity of the media putting a fog to the American people that this is all a game. I did not expect JFK's Camelot to be handed over to a dictator like Obama to carry the legacy.

But so far, Obama has made gaffes, political missteps, and made a fool by the comics, the TV comedy shows, and the media. The one thing I must agree is that every media outlet has described Obama as acting presidential. So far, I have noticed Obama acting presidential or may look presidential, but never seen him as being presidential.

I wonder if Obama will end his fantasy of being a perfect commander-in-chief and stop acting like a make believe president in 'West Wing.' To be disillusioned is dangerous when a real crisis occurs. So, if Iran bombs Israel, I hope Obama, in his wacky world, doesn't call the president of Iran to knock it off, and everything would be "honky dory." That is not how the world works. This is not television.

So on the one hand, Obama thinks he is playing the lead role in 'West Wing', and the on other hand, he thinks he is a thug-like Chicago politician. I think Obama need to watch less of the big screen and be president for a change.

Mr. Obama, you are not a movie star. You are not the messiah. You are not rock star. You are not a black Mafia. You need to stop acting like Hitler. You need to be presidential. I know it's hard, but at least try. Remember, the United States is the good guys. Okay!