Sunday, November 9, 2008


Obama gave his first press interview this past Friday and I notice something peculiar. He took the podium with a handful of high power Democrats behind him. His persona was the same demeanor that I saw that night when Obama took the stage on his presidential victory. It was odd. Obama looked SCARED. He really did look scared. As if he didn't figure on winning, but now wondered what the hell he would do. Obama may try to look presidential, but he look timid and weak. He wasn't as crisp and seems to be out of rhythm. The eloquence was there, but the charisma was lacking. He tried to be someone he wasn't and being funny was not one of them.

For such an historic moment, the atmosphere in the room was not of excitement. Obama never even had to pause for a reaction or adoration from the press. The energy level was low. In fact, Obama wished there was fireworks, balloon drop, and confetti. His speech was not at all inspiring. I remember after Obama's presidential victory speech people left kind of quietly. It was a major letdown after all the hype. It was a sad sight to behold. That's how I interpreted after Obama gave his first press interview. His speech was full of empty rhetoric with no substance and few gaffes.

I saw a very diverse group of people, the mainstream media, with their love for Barack being the one thing to unite them. The media supported him from day one, and now the media realized they made the wrong choice. I think the media over hyped him and he'll never live up to the expectations and he knows it.

When Obama had his first press conference, I sense doubts turned into regret among the media. Yeah, what was up with that stupid sign "office of the president-elect." Why did the reporters stand when he entered the room? Is it because they have been in bed with him from the beginning? You betcha! Obama is a creation of the media. Even he knows it. And maybe he is afraid everyone else is going to find out. I bet Obama is saying to himself, "Crap! Crap! I won and WTF am I going to do now!"

I fear for this country and this is no exaggeration. You have elected an illusion, a empty suit for president. I say to the Obama supporters, "What have you done!" Because you hate Bush, who did not run in this election, you have chosen the final link to the unholy trinity of the anti-christ of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, who will lead us in these troubled times.

You have chosen a reckless trio who will run this government like a Socialist country. The new Democratic order will cut the legs of the fortunate and bring them to the level of the less fortunate in utter misery. This new world order created by the Democrat Majority will force us to be dependent on government handouts. Like being addicted to crack cocaine, this dependency will cause a viscous cycle that will be difficult to break. In order to keep this environment constant, Obama will govern this country like Hitler's Nazi Germany. Obama has talk about creating another peoples army along side the military and the national guard. This has intonation to Hitler's Gestapo, or his personal police. Obama has a legion of 3 million internet goons to police and suppress the critics. Obama owns organizations like ACORN to suppress the voters and manipulate elections. Obama's arrogance and cruelty can be seen by throwing people he cares under the bus. I question his honor that he did not attend his recently deceased grandmother's memorial or funeral services. Instead, he went to play basketball. How would you interpret that? Also, Obama has kicked out 3 members of the press off his plane because Obama found out that the paper these reporters work for supported McCain.

This unholy alliances between this president-elect and the leaders of congress can be seen as a recipe for disaster. If they try to stay center on issues, it will fail because their nature will always go back to their true Liberal self. America better get use to being called "The United States of the Soviet Republic." Heil, Obama! Heil, Obama!