Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Wins. Markets Will Tank. We Be FCKED!

It proves that anybody can run for high office with no experience. I think I'm going to run for the Florida State Senate next year just to prove a point. Hey, Obama has done it for most of his life. So, why can't I.

I want to say to all those young people who voted for Obama that you just screwed yourself. The markets will tank tomorrow or sometime this week and that will cost you jobs.

To the investors and seniors, take your money out of the market. Your 401K and your retirement plan will suffer once Democrats take away the deductions.

To the rest of America, instead of the bottom to rise and have that chance to catch up to the level we desire, we will be thrown into utter misery and share with those who are lazy to make anything of themselves.

Yup, we be FCKED!

The only good outcome is that the Democrats did not get that 60 filabuster proof majority. Thank God!

I shall be there to point out your stupidity when Obama and the Democrat Majority slips up. No more blaming a Republican. So, stop your whining when things go wrong.