Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama's First Gaffe as president-elect

It is the first gaffe as president-elect. Obama says in his first post-election press conference that he's spoken to all the former living presidents. Why would he talk to dead ones? Idiot! Then catching himself in "a Jay Leno sound bite," Obama had to say something stupid. Whether or not it was intended as a joke, it was very inappropriate. He causally blurted a joke at the expense of the widow of a famous deceased president.

Obama said, "I have spoken to all of them who are living... I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about doing any séances."

He was responding to a question, from the Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet, about whether he'd spoken to all of the "living" former presidents.

First, Nancy Reagan consulted with an astrologer after Ronald Reagan was shot. It was Mary Todd Lincoln who held actual séances for Hillary Clinton, while as First Lady. It was reported that Hillary Clinton held imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt.

We have seen gaffe from Obama throughout the primaries and the general election. I think he is not going to stop while as president.

I am curious to know when the honeymoon will end. I want to see the media show their true ruthless demeanor because it is pissing me off that Obama' gaffe is being overlooked.