Thursday, November 27, 2008

This Thanksgiving I Learned Something

In this moment while we celebrate Thanksgiving, we should be thankful we are alive and be counting our blessings. While we are floundering and moping because of a minor temporary economy meltdown, we are reminded that life is more precious and usually taken for granted.

This event of terrorism in India should be a reminder that there is something more important than our own self interest. This economy will survive, I promise. But when a life is taken away because of terrorism, we are handicapped physically and emotionally, which will have a direct impact to this economy and national security.

Just realize this. We put ourselves in peril when we voted in an inexperience fool who will help the terrorist to achieve their goal and decimate our will as Americans. Just remember, to keep this world safe from terrorism will impact the economy and our emotional well being in a positive way.

It's not the economy. The economy has no direct relationship to terrorism. It is national security that has a direct role to our economy. While mostly everybody have been thinking micro, a few of us were thinking macro. Only a minority of us sees beyond our self interest, and therefore will overcome the headaches and suffering that everybody is bitching about. We must not panic, we need to voice your concerns, we must prepare for the long term, and we must stop Obama from making it even worst.