Monday, November 3, 2008

Washington Redskins Must Win For a McCain Presidency

Since 1936, the Redskins final home game before Election Day had correctly predicted the winners of 17 straight elections until George W. Bush won in 2004, ending the streak.

The Washington Redskins are like the New England Patriots of last year when it comes to predictions of U.S. Presidential election results. Like the Patriots, they were almost perfect. Like the Patriots, it was the last Big Game they were on the losing end of. Like the Patriots, whose dreams and hopes were dashed when they lost the Super Bowl last February, the Redskins first election-predicting loss was huge, too.

With a Steelers win, the Redskins will have the same record in predicting U.S. elections as the Patriots season record last year.

Can the Redskins be an agent of change in the coming election? Or will things remain as they are? With a 94.444% accuracy since John McCain was born in 1936, it is at least worth looking at, even if just for fun.

This election year's final home game for the Redskins is a big Monday Night Football game for both teams. With the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Washington Redskins, who needs to win for your party?

For Barack Obama supporters, the Steelers must get a road win.

For John McCain supporters, the Redskins must win at home.