Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

I am so flabbergasted to hear poll stating that 72% of the American people voice confidence that newly elected tyrant will make the necessary changes to revive the economy. What sickens me is that 44% of Republicans joined nearly all Democrats and most independents in expressing that belief.

Well, I call them Republican Moderates and they don't express the philosophy of the Conservative party. I am able to back my statement because history tells us that taxing anyone during these darkest economic times is a recipe for disaster. A good example was during the Great Depression under FDR. To see how the majority of the American people are desperate to see an improvement of this wretched economy is a big undertaking of Mein Furor Obama. It will be a major disappointment if Mein Furor doesn't deliver. At least I belong to a Minority of educated people who understands this economy and will be prepared when Mein Furor screws it further.

In the same poll, it showed that 68% said they think that when Mein Furor takes office in January, the new dictator will be able to enact the policies he pushed during his presidential campaign. Now, this will be interesting to watch and I am going to laugh my ass off when Obama is unable to deliver.

I'm interest how this tax cut for the 95% of the working Americans will be implemented. Obama has not once gave a detail assessment how this particular policy will work. Base on these polls, I can see that income tax cut is lesser of a priority and more emphasis on strengthening the economy. And how would you strengthen the economy? The answer is creating JOBS! And how do you create jobs? Well, it won't be by raising taxes and that is what Obama is going to do.

This is not rocket science. Mein Furor will collapse this economy and say it's not his fault. Then he will expand the Federal Government and open the flood gate to his Socialist agenda.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich.