Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Great Depression

I can recall the messiah's provoking words, "We only have one president at a time." But failed to mention, "But at the same time we can't hide." The audacity emanating from the Obama camp beginning to move into the Oval Office before the present president moves out. Is this the Chicago-thug "lets evict everybody" mentality? Giving these "fireside" news conferences, empty radio speeches, and teasing America of his cabinet picks is a bit of a stretch. I would think this is unprecedented for a man with no experience and arrogance that would top Donald Trump. Though, I am impress that the Bush Administration finds all of it very amusing. Bush could easily snipe, mock, or undermine Obama's transitions with a snap of a finger, but will not. I think Bush realize that Obama will undo his credibility when he enters office on Jan. 20, 2009. Why spoil his folly now?

You may ask, "What folly?" If you had listen to Obama speak, he always refers the current state of the economy as the worst economic environment since the Great Depression. It is the most over exaggerated misnomer for someone so inadequate to run this country. There may be a few of us out there who remembers the Great Depression, but honestly, we are not in one. To hear the media use the words "crisis", "meltdown", and "cataclysm" to "we are in a Great Depression", "million of job will be lost", and "we will never get out of it", I can only imagine if such diatribes were really true. We are not in a classical definition of a Great Depression. No one talks about 15 millions of jobs being created, but instead, they talk about a million jobs lost. No one talks about the gains in the stock markets over a period of 25 years, but yet, these same people are disheveled of temporary drop in the market this year alone. The only person to blame is you. The recession that many of you classify yourself is your own doing. No one told you to flip houses, take out a home equity loan for those extravagant trips, amass a huge credit card bill, and make bad financial decision. That is your fault. Where is self responsibility of our own destiny? There is your Great Depression and now, you are finding ways to get out it. There are consequences we choose in life that will either reward us or punish us. Jumping on the bandwagon, giving in to your selfish needs, and catching up with the "Jones" are recipes for disaster.

The problems we have are fixable. I do not need to tell you how. It is your duty as a responsible intelligent human being to fix it yourself.

But the problem that the media bombards us on a daily basis with negativity, death, and sorrow, we tend to forget to walk outside and see that everything looks the same. Nothing changes. I see my neighbors shopping, dressed the same, still packing a few extra pound, and look at ease as they did years ago during a very good economy. You do the same and you will come to the same conclusion.

You don't want to jinks yourself and claiming we are living in a Great Depression. That is unfounded. Look at the pictures during the time of the Great Depression and it is much of a catastrophe than it is today. No jobs, no food, and no fun. The Great Depression last over 12 years and it took WWII to get us out of it. In fact, back then, there are no safety nets or meaningful regulations to protect us from a certain fall. Now, we have unemployment benefits, food stamps, and welfare to keep those affected to stay afloat. Even though all these programs are very expensive, there is some avenue of relief to prevent further dismay. This Great Depression ideology by the mainstream media has affected many households throughout America. From there, the word is spread by wildfire. Consumer confidence drops, worrying about layoffs, and having to eat "SPAM" are contributing factors to be in a Great Depression in the eyes of the worried consumer. I say hogwash! Just go outside and see it for yourself. Perception is not reality. I feel sorry for those who made bad decisions that got themselves into a downward spiral, but changing a certain habit or lifestyle will get them out of the rut.

So, before getting depress, just know that there is always someone out there who is in worst shape than you. Before worrying about people you don't know, it's important to concentrate getting out your own rut. As soon as more and more people are getting back on their feet, we will get out of this Great Depression mentality. You know who really wants to see this Great Depression to continue. It's the politician that runs Washington. The more miserable we are, the better control they have over us.