Monday, December 15, 2008

Blagojevich Should Tell Obama to Stick It Where the Sun Don't Shine

This Blagojevich scandal is reaching new heights. Now, the Democrats from all sides of the political spectrum either wants to impeach him or oust him from office due to mental deficiency. The fear the Blagojevich can nominate himself to the seat of the US Senate is scaring the living daylights to the Democratic base. I just don’t see the big deal. Blagojevich is getting the “royal shaft.” Why not let Blagojevich get even with the Democrats for throwing the Illinois Governor under the bus. I really like how Rush Limbaugh said it best.

Rush said, “I've been thinking about this. I think if Blago, if they don't pay him what he wants to resign, I have the perfect revenge who he should nominate, because the Senate cannot stop who he nominates. Alan Keyes. If Blagojevich really wants to stick it to Obama and these guys, nominate Alan Keyes. It doesn't matter that he doesn't live in Illinois. Hillary didn't live in New York, either.”

Let’s keep Blagojevich do what he does best. This is to exemplify the true meaning to be a Democrat in Capitol Hill.