Friday, December 12, 2008

Caylee Anthony's Mother Deserves the Death Penalty

The skeletal remains of a small child found in the woods has to be Caylee Anthony. This is the most heinous act against humanity. There is no remorse from the mother who done this. There is no excuse that mother doesn't end up with the death penalty. She deserves a botched up and painful execution.

Casey Anthony, the murderous mom, killed her 3 year old because the child was an inconvenience to her mother's active nightlife. I'm jumping the gun, but in this society where we judge before we hear the facts, all the evidences are pointing guilty. When there is a child's body in a garbage bag behind the woods of the child's grandparents house and there isn't any report of a missing child in the local area and a child's mother who is oblivious of the whereabouts her child, what do you think?

I am so outrage when I watch the timeline of Caylee Anthony disappearance on the news and Caylee's mother lying and acting as the victim of this despicable act of a premeditated murder. I really want to throw something at the television screen. It makes me sick.

The silver lining is that there will be closure to this story. I pray that Casey Anthony get the death penalty and I pray that I get the call to be a juror. This is no other way to dismiss what happened. The only way that justice won't be served would be the manipulation of the defense lawyer.

This will not be another OJ Simpson trail of the century. This will be a cut and clear closed case. Justice will be served and Casey Anthony will be condemned by her peers and by God our Father. I would be scared of the latter than the former.

This immoral society is of our own doing. If this idiotic mother felt what she did was moral and just, imagine how we trust our lives to those we don't know. See what I mean? We are seeing the decay of our society. The Liberal mind is selfish to its own needs. Trust has become a novelty. This ugly act of murder is beyond comprehension and I hope it makes us wanting to change our ways.